2008 Celebrity Dead Pool

For years I participated in the Web’s largest celebrity dead pool over at Stiffs.com. I never did very well, rarely finishing in the top third of the 800-900 entries, but it was a fun diversion nevetheless. In 2007 I tool a hiatus, mostly out of lethargy.

Over the past year, the commissioner of the site, Zachariah Love, has had a hell of a time keeping the site stable, and for a long time, it was questionable whether there would even be a 2008 Dead Pool. But, the site is back up and the 2008 game is on. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my act together in time to enter this year, so I’ll just have to sit on the sidelines as one celebrity after another drops.

Here’s the partial list I was keeping for possible 2008 consideration.

  1. Harry Morgan
  2. Fidel Castro
  3. Ariel Sharon
  4. Farah Fawcett

After the news of today, you have to wonder if Britney Spears will beat ’em all to the gates of hell!

BTW, welcome to my new blog. I’m glad you stopped by.


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